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Vayalada Hills: A Mesmerizing paradise for trekking

Vayalada Hills: A Mesmerizing paradise for trekking

In the verdant expanse of Kerala's Malabar range lies the Vayalada Hills, an enchanting 2000ft elevation that offers respite and adventure to those who ascend its trails. Cloaked in a verdant shawl and perched above the coastal plains, this hilltop sanctuary near Balussery in the Kozhikode district whispers the secrets of the south, much like its counterpart Gavi in the cool climes of Pathanamthitta.

The ascent to the renowned Vayalada Viewpoint is not merely a trek; it's a pilgrimage through the elements, ascending 600 metres towards the heavens. At the summit, the world seems to pause, with zephyrs playing across your cheeks and the vista of miniature islands scattered across the backwaters unfolding before you. 

Amidst this raw and rugged terrain lies an enclave of opulence, the Vayalada Valley View Resort. An emblem of luxury nestled in Calicut, the resort is where twilight and dawn perform their daily ballet, a spectacle guests can witness on safaris at the break of dawn or as the sun dips below the horizon. It stands as a sanctuary of indulgence, where trekkers can unwind and bask in the opulence that coexists with the wilderness.

The Vayalada View Point itself is a crow's nest towering 2,000 feet above sea level, bestowing a birds-eye view of nature's masterpieces, including the expansive Peruvannamuzhi Dam and the tapestry of towns such as Koorachundu and Perambra. 

Affectionately anointed as the 'Ooty of Malabar,' the region promises secluded trails and tranquil vistas, especially near Kariyathumpara on the path to the Kakkayam dam. Crafting words about Vayalada Hills entails a blend of lyrical prose that mirrors the landscape’s own harmony of contrasts—where the ruggedness of the trails meets the embrace of luxury at the hill's crest. It's a narrative that entwines the untamed beauty of the trek with the cultivated elegance of the resort, all under the watchful gaze of Kerala's gentle hills.

This narrative of Vayalada Hills is one of contrast and convergence, where the untamed spirit of the land is matched by human ingenuity and luxury. The trek to the Vayalada Viewpoint is a dance with nature, a journey through a mosaic of lush flora and fauna, where every step taken is a verse added to the poetry of the ascent. Reaching the summit, the trekker is rewarded with a symphony of sights, as the heart-shaped island below echoes the pulse of the natural world.

As the narrative unfolds, one cannot overlook the Vayalada Valley View Resort, a jewel Luxury Resort in Calicut, in the folds of Calicut's hills. This luxury retreat is the perfect counterpoint to the day's exertions, offering a sanctuary where the art of relaxation has been perfected amidst the whispers of the forest and the caresses of the mountain air. Here, the safari at twilight or dawn is not just an activity but a rite of passage that celebrates the majesty of the earth's rhythms.

From the lofty perch of Vayalada View Point, the horizon stretches into eternity, offering a panoramic tableau that captures the dam's grandeur, the charm of nearby towns, and the untamed wilderness that calls to the wanderer's soul. Here, in what is fondly termed the 'Ooty of Malabar,' the explorer finds a path less trodden, a space where solitude and scenic beauty offer a rare kind of peace.

In crafting a memory about Vayalada Hills, one must weave a tapestry that brings together the rugged allure of the trek with the genteel charm of luxury accommodation. It's a story of discovery, of the joy in the journey and the bliss in repose, a tale that beckons the reader to come and experience the duality of nature and nurture, adventure and comfort, all set against the backdrop of Kerala's mesmerizing hills.