Vayalada Valley View Resort Best Resort in Calicut
Luxury Resort Experience

Enjoy the monsoon honeymoon vibe in Calicut resorts

Enjoy the monsoon honeymoon vibe in Calicut resorts

Calicut resorts immersed in the beauty of the valleys in the lap of nature. Many people will desire a staycation to enhance their romantic encounters. The rainy season will enhance the beauty of your love moments. To enjoy the romantic monsoon moments, pick a wonderful location in Calicut.

The Perfect Destination  

Are you ready to drown yourself in the verdant foliage and tranquility of the monsoon season? For those seeking a unique monsoon experience, a resort with breathtaking views, a luxurious place to stay, and excellent facilities is the ideal haven.

For your romantic getaway, the Vayalada View Point is a great option. Wayalada stands proudly to pamper your private moments while enjoying the beauty of the mountains

Destination for Romance

Vayalada Valley View Resort offers a refreshing monsoon experience for you and your significant other. In addition, Vayalada Valley View Resort is the ideal location for a romantic moment in a peaceful environment away from Kozhikode's bustling streets. Vayalada Valley View Resort is the best resort in Calicut to spend your honeymoon days.

Elegant romantic amenities are ready to boost the passion in your relationship. A candlelight dinner and a campfire can brighten your evenings. You can enjoy a lovely romantic monsoon experience at the resort. May the snow, rain, and cold all strengthen your love. 

Places to Visit in Calicut

Visit a lot of the places in Calicut. Let's discuss a few locations that are rich in breathtaking natural beauty. 

Vayalada View Point 

The elevation of the Vayalada View Point is 2000 feet above sea level. Weekend trekkers are known to frequent the hill. The breathtaking valley view may be discovered at Vayalada Viewpoint. To visit Vayalada, there is no cost of entry charge. The Vayalada Valley View Resort is close to the Vayalada View Point. The best resort in Calicut is Vayalada Valley View Resort, which is tucked away in the shade of gorgeous valleys. 


Lakes and lush hills surround the beautiful place of Thonikadav. Thonikadav is among the best options for sites to visit in Kozhikode. Tonikadav is the perfect place for people to go fishing, have bird viewing, and enjoy the outdoors. You can unwind, take a boat ride, and admire the mountains. There are many things to do in Calicut. One of them is a trip to Thonikkadav


In Calicut, the best and most visited location is the Kakkayam. Since there are several viewpoints, many people visit Kakkayam View Point. Kakkayam Dam is close to Vayalada View Point and Vayalada Valley View Resort. Moreover, you can further polish your romantic moments by taking in the breathtaking scenery. The primary places to explore are the Kakkayam hills, Kakkayam Valley near Kakkayam Dam, and Kakkayam Valley Lake. Kakkayam is very beautiful during monsoon season. If you and your partner desire to travel for your honeymoon, Kakkayam is the ideal destination.


Featuring its verdant hills and forests, Mullanpara is a top destination for those who enjoy the great outdoors during the monsoon season.  Couples might be laid back and enjoy it.

It is rather enjoyable to get to Mullanpara in the monsoon season. It's a spot you can consider for your honeymoon. You will have wonderful sensations when you see Mullanpara's viewpoint with your partner.

When the rainy season's beauty and thoughts unite, your passionate ideals will merge with nature. For your safe stay, there are lots of resorts. Kozhikode Resorts promises to give you a secure stay. 

Peruvannamuzhi Dam 

Peruvannamuzhi Dam is a well-liked location for fishing and boating. The best resort in Vayalada, Vayalada Valley View Resort, is the ideal starting point for a day excursion to the dam, surrounded by lush nature. It is the perfect destination for your monsoon honeymoon. 

Honeymoon Rooms with Private Pool 

The stunning Vayalada Valley View Resort has bedrooms with a private pool for honeymooners. Enjoy the monsoon season, take your partner on a honeymoon, and see many locations at the breathtaking Vayalada Valley View Resort, nestled among lush valleys deep in the heart of nature. It also provides access to Calicut's tourist places. Vayalada Valley View Resorts honeymoon suites with private pools have king-sized beds, TVs, terraces, and private swimming pools. There are also other activities, such as campfires, Candle light dinners, and trekking. Vayalada Valley View Resort is the ideal choice for a dreamy honeymoon during the cool monsoon season.